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The Neuroendocrinology and Reward Behavior Laboratories

The laboratories of Lique Coolen, Mike Lehman and Aleisha Moore are a collaborative group that share excitement for a variety of neuroscience research questions and techniques.



The overall themes of the research in our laboratories center around reproductive neuroendocrinology. Following where the data lead us, research includes a diversity of neuroscience research projects that are detailed on the Research Page. 

General research themes:

Coolen Lab 

Spinal Cord Injury and Sexual function; Sexual reward and motivation; Drug Addiction


Lehman Lab 

Reproductive Neuroendocrinology; Steroid Feedback Control of GnRH Release


Moore Lab 

Reproductive Neuroendocrinology; Animal Models of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; Prenatal Programming of Disease

Latest Publications

Aleisha and Day show that KNDy neurons display altered gene expression and afferent input in polycystic ovary syndrome

Endocrinology. 04 August 2021. doi: 10.1210/endocr/bqab158

News and events

Wednesday 21st April:

Plenary talk by Lique Coolen, 4pm EST

“Building blocks of Kisspeptin and KNDy Circuitry in Reproductive Function”

Short talk by Aleisha Moore, 6pm EST

"Prenatal androgen exposure alters KNDy neurons and their afferent network in a model of polycystic ovarian syndrome"

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