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About Us

Passion for Science and Mentoring

We strive to provide an inclusive and supportive mentoring environment for trainees at all career stages and welcome members from all parts of the world and backgrounds. We have a strong commitment to enhancement of rigorous neuroscience, broadening diversity and inclusion, and furthering the discovery of knowledge in order to better human health.


Meet The Team

Key to the successes and discoveries of our research are the many terrific people that work or have worked in our laboratories. 

Past members

More coming soon...!


Postdoctoral Researcher -

Coolen Laboratory (2020-2021)

Will is from Virginia and moved to Ohio to continue his education in neuroanatomy. He joined the Coolen lab in Sept 2020 after completing his PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Neomed/Kent State during which he studied development of auditory circuits, cholinergic circuits in the auditory midbrain. He is now interested in delineating spinal patterns generators in the lumbar spinal cord and impact of spinal cord injury.

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